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Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Uplifting
May Relieve
Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Inflammation, Insomnia, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, PTSD, Stress.

Train wreck weed

Train wreck Strain Highlights

Trainwreck marijuana is a mind-bending hybrid with potent Sativa effects that hit like a freight train.
This exhilarating hybrid strain has mind blowing components that will hit you like a train after just a couple of hits. A combination of 2 sativas (Mexican and Thai) and one indica (Afghani).
This strain is nothing short of a mental roller coaster ride. You can smoke this strain comfortably throughout the day even with its super-high potency.


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Ounce (oz), 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound (Lbs)

3 reviews for Train Wreck Weed

  1. Avatar of ruth
    4.33 out of 5


    on a cloud, perfect remedy for a day full of emotions

  2. Avatar of 	phillips
    4.33 out of 5


    Simply Amazing!!!! my party was a complete success today. thanks to ECOS

  3. Avatar of russell
    4.33 out of 5


    Never tried this one in the flower form, but let me tell you that.. this strain is one of the best “shatter” i’ve ever vaped !! I strongly recommend it !!!

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