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CHERRY BOMBS THC 350MG gummies are infused with THC distillate in delicious Cherry flavor maintaining the sweet and sour flavor of this classic treat. Each pack contains 5 x 70mg gummies totalling 350mg.

THC: 350mg total per package


Cherry Bombs! Sour & Sweet, then Stoned350 mg THC, 5 (70mg) pieces in each package. Very high potency. Recommended to start with a small dose.

Cherry bombs thc: 350mg


*NOTE* can add 1 pack to cannabis order, otherwise 2 packs minimum for just an edible order.
CHERRY BOMBS THC: 350MG Of Distillate In Each Pack Of These Delicious Cherry Bombs Edible Gummies.
Definitely, A Must Try, Super Medicating, And Super Tasty. *VERY POTENT*


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