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Total Cannabinoids: 84.86%

CBD disposables are available in non-psychoactive (1:0 boost).

Frozen Grape is a delightful flavor that you will truly enjoy.

With Pure CBD line, combining fun and wellness is much easier! CBD Boost Disposable Vape 3g

Cbd boost 1:0 disposable vape 3g

Cbd boost disposable vape 3g

stablished since 2007, Pure Vape has a simple core value: deliver the highest quality and consistency through a brand you can rely on. Organic, unadulterated, and 100% solvent-free. Whether you’re feeling disposables, edibles, dabbables, or stick with flower – we’ve got it.

Pure Vape is for the socially conscious cannabis user looking for wellness and a true cannabis taste. Enjoy your Pure experience!


Pure Disposable contains our proprietary triple distilled, solvent-free essential cannabis oil. Using next generation vaporizing technology it provides effective relief that tastes great and lasts for over 120 puffs. Now available in unique, one of a kind designs and 12 great flavors. Try them all and find your flavor.


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