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Buy Sherbinskis marijuana Strain At Exotic Cannabis Shop

Buy Sherbinskis marijuana Strain online – this awesome strain is a cult-favorite originated in the San Francisco, Sunset District by Mr. Sherbinski, cannabis tastemaker and curator of world-famous genetics: Pink Panties, Sunset Sherbert, and the Gelato line — Bacio, Mochi, Acai berry, and Gello.

Sherbinskis Marijuana Strain Review

Rooted in San Francisco, California, Sherbinskis marijuana Strain is coveted for its uncompromising respect for the alchemy of the plant and the culture affiliated. Distinct strains and cultivars have cultivated a devout following from insiders and enthusiasts around the world, where the value upon absolute quality and experience reign supreme.

Riding this global groundswell, Exotic Cannabis Shop has expanded throughout California and into select countries across the globe offering a range of original cannabis products, including flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, extracts, and accessories.

Buy Sherbinskis marijuana Strain $280 - Exotic Cannabis Shop
Buy sherbinskis marijuana strain exotic cannabis online shop

Buy Sherbinskis marijuana Strain online - this awesome strain is a cult-favorite originated in the San Francisco, cannabis tastemaker and curator of world-famous genetics

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6 reviews for Buy Sherbinskis marijuana Strain

  1. Avatar of roosevelt
    4.83 out of 5


    Picked some up from ECS in CA big dense nugs covered in trichomes. Good strain for throughout the day

  2. Avatar of guillermo
    4.83 out of 5


    Mochi is a very exotic strain, it’s like smoking gelato and cookies at the same time for real.

  3. Avatar of rogers
    4.83 out of 5


    Very potent strain, pungent and minty. Great for sleep and anxiety .

  4. Avatar of tom7
    4.83 out of 5


    so so. I wanted an immediate heavy hitting indica, this is like a slow creeper. Best description is it does everything ok but nothing especially well. Didn’t make me feel euphoric, giggly, sleepy, creative, nothing special like that. Taste is bomb for sure. High is ok. Tbh I’d recommend this to noob smokers or low tolerance smokers it’s a super chill manageable high you won’t find yourself saying “wow I’m too high”. It’s kinda like sundae driver.

  5. Avatar of alexander
    4.83 out of 5


    Super relaxing body and head high. Very laid back feeling. Great for wanting a super slow relaxing high. Also tastes like fruity pebbles haha

  6. Avatar of harrington
    4.83 out of 5


    Dense sticky buds with a sweet piney aroma. Smoke is smooth and the aftertaste is very sweet, kind of like Jell-O. If you can find some definitely try it.

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