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What is the Gelatti Strain?

Fully appreciating the beauty that is Gelatti comes with tracing its roots to some of the most famous strains that have graced the cannabis community. Gelatti is a balanced hybrid strain that was cultivated by crossing Gelato and Biscotti. The hype around strains like Gelatti partially comes from its parentage. Gelato itself comes from a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. The latter being a phenotype from Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) makes it doubly famous. buy blue gelatti

Meanwhile, Gelatti’s other predecessor, Biscotti, comes from South Florida OG and Gelato, once again. South Florida OG is not one to pass up with its lemon and pine flavors; it’s an OG for a reason. This and Gelato combined plus another round of Gelato for the cross-breeding makes for an origin story for the ages.

Buy blue gelatti

Buy blue gelatti

To add to this, both Gelato and Biscotti are from Cookies, one of the top-shelf brands in California known for their dessert-flavored nugs. Much like many strains bred by the cultivators, it is hard to find your fix for the Gelatti strain. With THC levels around 20%, Gelatti is equipped to knock you out if you’re a newbie and just enough to give a heavyweight that blissful high they’re looking for.

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