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BLEM BOASY WEED – BUTTERSCOTCH HYBRID (Cherry Kush x Durban Poison) – slang for excessively boastful or arrogant

Nutty and creamy, this evenly balanced hybrid is tasty and smooth on the smoke. A different rendition of the original peanut butter breath strain. Nicely stacked and structured, this strain is covered in trichomes with dark purple buds. Known for its sedating effects, this strain will have you happy and relaxed in no time!

Blem boasy weed

Blem boasy weed

Slang for excessively boastful or arrogant Boasy is a hybrid strain that has an unmatched aroma, dessert-like flavor profile, and effects that will have even the most seasoned veterans talking. The smell is so unique and strong and you will get a nose full of that buttery goodness as soon as you open the jar. The pain relief that Boasy offers is unparalleled in many respects, swooping in and clearing the body of aches and tension.The buzz you are going to get is body-sedating and mind-calming.

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