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About Exotic Cannabis Online Shop

Exotic Cannabis Shop is a Santa Ana Based Weed Shop focused on cannabis and medical marijuana supplier.

We are the go-to source for anything related to California’s burgeoning cannabis industry. If the Bay Area’s marijuana scene affects you — and it does — we aim to deliver you quality and cheap recreational and medical marijuana.

Our Vision

We set out to provide a high level of customer service in an industry that is plagued by under delivering promises and disappointed customers.

We trust that you will find the Exotic Cannabis Online Shop difference when you try us out as your online cannabis shop.

We offer authentic genetics, no substitutions, guaranteed shipping and a phone number to reach a real person when you have a problem.

What client say ?

× Customer Service : We understand building long term relationships between us and our customers can only be possible via a reliable source of communication and over multiple communication chanels. We therefore have been able to make ourselves available over the phone or calls, text, email, and on instant live chat communication and we are available online on a 24/7 basis.